Which Kind Of Vacuum Is Right For You?

Cleaning your home is an important task that usually includes vacuuming as an essential part of the routine. If you find yourself dreading what should be a simple task such as vacuuming, you may have a poorly functioning older vacuum or one that is not the ideal one for you. There is a variety of vacuums out in the marketplace to choose from. The question is, which kind is the best one for you?

Which vacuums do what?
When considering shopping for a vacuum, you should consider what kind is best for your home and lifestyle. Most people tend to gravitate straight towards the upright vacuums at the store. This type is best for deep cleaning carpeted floors. It has a wider cleaning swath than most other vacuums, and often come with attachments for expanding your cleaning purposes such as harder to reach areas. It is generally quite easy to store, however it can be a little on the heavier side than other designs available.

The stick vacuum has the same design as an upright vacuum, but is best used for lighter jobs. The handheld vacuum is very similar to this because it is meant to pick up a quick mess and are both great for small areas, such as curtains and upholstery. These two designs are much lighter in weight and are even easier to store when not in use.

Canister vacuums are good for multipurpose use. They are ideal for not only carpeted floors, but bare floors as well. They can clean upholstery, curtains, and other hard to reach areas. However, this vacuum may be a little harder to store in a smaller closet or area, and may be a little heavier as a whole, compared to an upright vacuum.

A newer, novelty type of vacuum is the small robotic vacuum. They are quite small, typically round devices. These are great for in between regular vacuuming sessions and are good for uncluttered rooms. Keep in mind that they arent too good with getting into corners and take a little time to set up.

Add-on attachments and features to look out for

Most vacuums come with attachments that make multipurpose cleaning simple and quick. They may come with wands and hoses to extend the devices reach. Often times there are narrow nozzles included to help with getting into tight corners and crevices. Small brushes that attach to the nozzles may also be included to help clean upholstery and help with dusting duties.

Some good features to look out for can help the decision making process much simpler. The carpet height adjustment feature helps to move through carpet more smoothly and easily by adjusting the machine to the height of the carpets pile. It is preferable to have a manually adjustable one, although some automatically adjustable ones do just fine.

A spinning brush under the head of the vacuum is ideal for carpeted flooring. It helps to dislodge debris by combing through the carpet fibers and do a more thorough cleaning job. While sometimes long hairs and strings may get entangled and wrapped around the brush, it can easily be removed by cutting them away with a pair of scissors. Also, a retractable power cord is a convenient feature to have. This can make storing the vacuum more convenient and not having to do the tedious task of wrapping and unwrapping it having the cord release all at once.

Bagless vs. Bags
While some bagless models will save you money on not having to buy replacement bags often, you do have to replace the filter periodically. Cleaning them out isnt too time consuming. All you have to do is release the container and pour out over a garbage can. Vacuums that require bags, trap and contain dirt a little better and are a slightly easier to empty. When throwing away the bag you encounter less exposure to dust and allergens than with bagless models.

Overall, shopping for a vacuum cleaner should be about choosing the right style for your needs. Remember that the lightest or most expensive brand might not do the best for what you intend to use it for. Make sure that you are making a wise choice in investing in a vacuum that will in turn give the best results.