3 Ways To Deal With A Sick Tree

Trees are givers. They give us so much to enjoy. They provide shade, clean the air we breathe, reduce pollutants, reduce and obstruct cold. They become a resting place for us when we need to stay outdoors. All these benefits are derived from a living and healthy tree. But what happens when the tree begins to look sick? They require little maintenance to get back to full life. But, if left sick and unattended, they can affect other nearby trees in your garden, they can even die and leave your garden looking unkempt. So, what can you do about sick trees in your garden? Here are a few things we recommend:

1 – Contact an Arborist: Maybe it is time to call that arborist on your phone contacts. They are professionals with adequate skills to treat and bring your tree back to life. The arborist will diagnose the tree and give it all the care it deserves. They also have to identify the risk that the tree faces, inform you about whatever action that needs to be taken, in line with what is permissible within the confine of the law. You will assurance of having your tree back, and better. And if the tree wont survive, a recommendation will be made for the type of tree that would succeed in your yard.

2 – Let It Heal Itself: Trees, like some other plants, heal themselves. In case you find that your tree is looking sick, you can leave it to try and heal itself over time. This will save you money and other professional costs that are associated with hiring a professional to treat it. If this option works for you, by all means, go with it.

3 – Let it Die: death is the end of all things, but the beginning of a new thing. If you find that the tree is not getting any better and you do not want to engage an arborist, it may be time to let it die a natural death. This may not sound like a good idea considering all the goodies the tree offers. But, sometimes, it is in your best interest to let it go.

Caring for trees has to be one of the most important things to do to enjoy the gifts that it has to offer you all year round. A dead tree can serve no purpose of shade, fresh air, and the likes. In the end, you have a choice to make either to involve the services of a professional or not. That will come at a cost whereas, the other two options will cost you nothing except the cost of getting rid of its stump from your precious garden.