Thought About All Your Pool Options?

Pools look better when they complement the design of your home. For instance, if you have a Tudor mansion a modern pool may look out of place unless it has a surrounding deck or stone feature that has the same colors and materials (even though they may be fake plaster/wood/iron effect) as your home. If not your pool can look like an eyesore that was stuck on by a gaudy inept designer.

Beauty + Function

In essence a pool should add beauty and function to your backyard. You should be able to look at it and go Wow. It should also be more than just a picturesque landmark it should also be inviting and practical enough to use. It can be either a place for relaxation, fun or fitness. Or all of the above.

Increased Market Value

A pool should also increase your homes net worth or rental prices, but in order to do this it has to be pleasing to look at and practical. If you can afford luxury features like water jets, under water lighting, sound systems and solar heaters, it will truly stand out in the market and increase its yield. has some examples of these features. You also need to get a good circulation and chlorine system installed that is maintenance free or else your pool will look like a green swamp. Renters dont want to take care of these elements as they are too much hassle and far too complicated. If you dont rent imagine prospective buyers coming to view your home and finding a green algae-laden mess. Kind of negates the point in having a pool doesnt it?

This can even cause a stumbling block in the viewers mind and they may cross your property of their list altogether. Some people want a walk through the door solution where they buy their dream home and dont have to put in any effort bringing it up to their imagined exacting standards.

Pools really do have a relaxing effect, its that whole chilling by the still blue waters vibe. They are great therefore for spending time on weekends, holiday periods and on those extreme days when the weather is bursting hot. But why not use the pool when the weather is cold outside? And how would you do that? With a powerful pool heater of course. Factor that into the design process for maximum effect.

Keep It Practical

Apart from a pool water heater for chillier days and cold weather, guests also will need a place to sit. You can include a stone or wooden deck area complete with lounge seats or built in stone seats with soft padding. This is usually built on a raised area above the pool and some people spend more time in here than actually in the pool. For some people just looking at a pool when they are outside is enough. The attraction of pools.